Saving nature will help stabilise our climate, improve our health and wellbeing, safeguard our food supply, protect us from extreme weather events, support our economy and secure a future for our wildlife and wild spaces.  

Governments, businesses, communities and individuals need to play their part to:

Support our farmers

Farmers are a key part of the solution to restoring our wild isles. Nature-friendly farming balances our need for healthy and affordable food with the needs of the natural world, including the fight against climate change. It’s good for us too, as the food produced is healthier and more nutritious.  

Our Governments need to support our farmers with the right incentive schemes. Putting nature at the heart of the whole farmland ecosystem is a win-win. We can create a sustainable secure food system that benefits our vital grasslands, wildlife, farmers, and ultimately, all of us. 

Enforce protection of our freshwater

We all have a role to play – from nurturing small ponds in our gardens, to joining a local river restoration group, or telling our MPs we want them to stand up for freshwater wildlife and their habitats.  

We also need the UK governments to fund monitoring and inspections of our freshwater catchments, enforce the law to prosecute polluters, and support farmers to move from intensive practices to adopting more nature-friendly farming methods.  

Pollution poses a big threat but together, we can fight back.  

Save our Seas

We need our governments and businesses to improve and enforce marine protected areas and set sustainable fishing practices and quotas and with effective monitoring at sea. You can help too, by choosing sustainably sourced fish wherever possible, or writing to your supermarket to ask them to supply it.  

Together, we can restore a healthy sea which provides habitat and food for wildlife, thriving livelihoods for communities and absorbs carbon.  

A healthy sea is good for nature and climate - and good for us.  

Restore nature everywhere

If we all work together, we can tackle habitat fragmentation and restore nature from our windowsills to great forests to provide habitats for wildlife and help tackle climate change and pollution. We need communities to bring nature back to their gardens, homes and local area. Landowners to restore grasslands and native woodlands.Businesses to protect nature throughout their supply chains. Governments to invest in and incentivise everyone to protect and restore nature.

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Lots of people are already taking action for nature in their local community, all across the UK.

People's Plan for Nature

Created by the people, for the people, the People's Plan for Nature calls for urgent, immediate action from everyone to protect and restore nature for future generations.