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Host a film screening

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Why host a screening?

You don’t need to be an event professional to show our films within your organisation. All you need is a passion for the topic and our toolkit. We’ll guide you step by step through the process and share tips and tools we've learned over the past 5 years of doing screenings. A screening is also a perfect opportunity to celebrate your successes so far and how you can build on these over time.    

Start by choosing the film that’s most relevant to your organisation and then think about screening the other films as follow-ons. All of our landscapes and seascapes are connected and the films have been created to build that knowledge over time.  

The films have been created to raise awareness on the challenges facing UK nature, but they also show the risks that other countries will face if they don’t act immediately. We hope they will catalyse internal change within your organisation and help you create a peer group who can work on the issues together. Each film is backed by a fact sheet, so you can use these externally and see clearly where the stats and facts come from. 

What could a screening look like?

There are many ways to share the film internally – in-person, hybrid or virtual. Think about the audience you want to attract – is it a specific department, or do you want all of your colleagues to build sustainability into their day jobs? Or do you want to use the films at an industry event to get discussions started?

We have lots of useful information including recommended event formats, timings, invite wording, promotional imagery as well as Frequently Asked Questions to help you get the most out of the session. We've collected all of our tips together into one useful ‘How to host a screening PDF’ which you can access here. Or you can register your interest to do a screening and we can help talk you through the process.

Some events are kept deliberately small for key stakeholders or executive groups, whereas others are larger and designed to unite more staff or multiple offices.

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Tips for getting the best out of your event

Think about your audience and what you want to achieve with your event. Are you publicising a new sustainability initiative? Celebrating your progress? Recruiting for your green team? Or trying to make sustainability part of everyone’s day job? Focussing in on the purpose of your event will help you decide on the format and types of speakers you want to invite.

  • We’d recommend 1 hour and 15 minutes to do a full film screening, panel discussion and leaving good time for a Q&A with your colleagues. Leave as much time for questions as you can as it may take your audience time to warm up.
  • Adding 1-2 guest speakers from outside the organisation will help give extra insights and highlight what others are doing in this space. Having a senior sponsor/champion from your senior leadership or executive team will help increase attendance levels too
  • If you’d like a guest speaker from WWF, the RSPB or National Trust, please register your interest and we’ll see if we can help. The films are free to screen and there is no speaker fee. Registering your interest in holding an event also gives you access to our promotional images to cut down on time making your invites or social media posts.

*Registering doesn’t lock you into any newsletters or future spam, it just lets us understand how the films are being used and helps us create more content like this in the future. It also gives you access to our film imagery.

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Imagery to promote your event

We have created posters, digital images and other materials to help you promote your film screening. These images can be used for both internal and external promotions of your screening if you follow the terms and conditions of usage. Please register your event to select your image pack and agree to the terms and conditions of usage if you would like to use the materials. You will receive an email after registering your event giving you access to the resources.

The assets include:

  • A5 flyer (editable)
  • A5 invite (editable)
  • A range of nature social media / digital imagery
  • A4 landscape & portrait posters (editable)

Register your interest in hosting a screening

To find out more about hosting a screening, register your interest here. As well as receiving exclusive images from the films, we may be able to support you on the day with a speaker.

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Which films are available?

Showing one of our four business films, or all of them, within your workplace can educate and empower employees on how to take urgent action and get the conversation started on how your organisation can support UK nature. A screening is also a perfect opportunity to celebrate your successes so far and how you can build on these.  

All of the films are freely available on YouTube: