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The Business of Nature

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The Business of Nature film (30 mins)

Inspired by Wild Isles, the iconic BBC nature documentary series, WWF, the RSPB, the National Trust and Silverback Films have come together to produce four films for businesses and organisations across the UK. The Business of Nature, the first of the four films, reveals how much nature we have lost in the UK and explores actions employees and businesses can take to reduce their impact. Hear from business leaders and experts including Deborah Meaden (Business Leader and Investor), Ken Murphy (Group Chief Executive, Tesco) Paul Polman (Business Leader, Campaigner and Former CEO, Unilever) and Tony Juniper CBE (Chair, Natural England) on how businesses need to put nature at the heart of their decision-making and be a part of the solution to the nature crisis.

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What is Nature Positive?

Nature Positive means halting and reversing nature loss by 2030, and putting nature onto the path to recovery. A Nature Positive business is therefore one which is contributing to creating a better future for both people and the planet, where their economic activities not only minimise impact on nature, but also enhance ecosystems. The Business of Nature film shows how all businesses can adopt this way of working.

Businesses with Nature Positive at the heart of their operations are directly increasing the longevity of their business and their ability to react to changes to regulations, laws and customer pressure. They are also promoting strong relationships with local communities, gaining support and funds for their projects, and ultimately increasing their reputational value

Nature Positive ensures that businesses are working in partnership with nature, presenting opportunities and benefits to their operations and stakeholders.

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Nature is our greatest ally

Taking action for nature offers us an opportunity. Nature is our greatest ally in the fight against climate change, helping us store carbon, water and manage air temperatures. It is also an economic opportunity. 395 million jobs are accrued as a result of nature and the services it provides, and with every £1 million invested in nature’s recovery, an additional 40 jobs are created.  

There are 5.59 million registered businesses in the UK. Imagine what it would be like if every one of them embedded nature into the heart of their decision-making and committed to restore what we have lost. This is not only good for business, it’s good for the resilience of our four nations. 

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What you can do

  • Promote the films to staff, customers, stakeholders or clients to help raise awareness of the issue - help us bring it to as many people are possible.
  • Engage in internal and external communications about nature.
  • Discuss nature – talk to your suppliers, investors and B2B networks to see how others are getting involved.
  • Don’t wait for perfect - share learnings, challenges and progress.

"Without being Nature Positive, ultimately you can’t be profit positive"

Dame Sharon White, Chairman, John Lewis Partnership