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Honey bee (Apis mellifera) hovering near Snowberry flowers (Symphoricarpos sp.) in Parade gardens park, with city buildings in the background, Bath, England, UK, June
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Get your workplace involved

Did you know that the UK is in the bottom 10% for biodiversity globally? This decline in biodiversity is terrible news for businesses, and is causing unprecedented risks to our economy, businesses and livelihoods.

Together with Silverback Films, we have created four new films inspired by our love of UK nature to help businesses understand and reduce their impact on the natural world. You can also access downloadable resources to find out ways you, your organisation, and your co-workers can help save the precious landscapes and habitats we have in the UK.

Meanwhile, join your organisation’s green team (or start one if there isn’t one already) and find out how you're already making a difference. Do you know where your business’ biggest impacts on nature are? And importantly, how you can start tackling them?

Four new films for business

Nature loss and climate change are resulting in ecological breakdown at an unprecedented level. This decline in biodiversity is terrible news for businesses, and is causing unprecedented risks to our economy, businesses, and livelihoods. We are seeing increasing supply chain disruption, asset losses, declines in employee health, and fundamental shifts in how businesses are able to operate.

Together with Silverback Films, WWF, the RSPB and the National Trust have created four new films designed to raise awareness of the nature crisis and what this means for business. The films shine a light on the devastating impact that business-as-usual is having on our natural world.

In the films, experts and business leaders such as Deborah Meaden (business entrepreneur and investor), Dame Sharon White (Chairman John Lewis Partnership), Alison Rose DBE (CEO NatWest Group), Dr Tony Juniper CBE (Chair, Natural England), and Dr Bryce Stewart (Marine Ecologist, University of York) share why the nature crisis is bad for business, and how businesses can help turn the tide for nature. Find out more about the contributors involved.

Dip in and watch just one, or watch all four films to see how interconnected nature and business really are.

Register to host a screening

You can screen any of our Save Our Wild Isles business films in your organisation. When you register your event we can provide exclusive images to help you promote your screening and we may be able to support with a speaker.

How to host a screening

Want to host a screening but don't know where to start? We've got you covered. From event guides to assets, find out how you can make your screening a success.

Fly tipped waste including asbestos, toxic chemicals and other harmful pollutants dumped outside Seabank Power Station, Avonmouth.
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The high cost of doing nothing

All business and economic activity relies on nature. In fact, 50% of global GDP is dependent on the planet’s natural resources. But the climate and nature crises are now more serious than ever before. Since 1970 global wildlife populations – indicators of healthy ecosystems – have plummeted by almost 70%, and the UK itself is in the bottom 10% for biodiversity globally – bottom of the G7 and G20.

In 2021 alone, economic loss due to natural catastrophes was US$270 billion. The cost of not dealing with the crisis is predicted to be vastly greater than investment in change and solutions.

What we need to do

  • We must halt the harm to nature that businesses and the wider economy are doing
  • We must transition to a new way of doing business that protects and restores nature
  • We can harness the power of nature to ensure a thriving economy for ourselves and future generations

"Without nature, there would be no water, there would be disasters everywhere, there would be no supply chain, and if you take it to the nth degree, there would be no customers"

Deborah Meaden, Business Entrepreneur and Investor