© Sam Hobson / WWF-UK

Speak up for nature

Nature is in crisis, and we need urgent action. To save our Wild Isles we need everyone to speak up and make sure our elected leaders in governments across the UK implement a response to the climate and nature emergency.

Stand up for nature

Our leaders are standing by while nature is decimated. Tell your MP to put an immediate halt to the destruction of nature.

Bumblebee on flower in front of industrial land, UK
© Sam Hobson / WWF-UK

Stop the destruction: Act now to strengthen and enforce environmental protections.

Our leaders must strengthen – not scrap – environmental protections, and help businesses clean up their practices. They must deliver on the promises they’ve already made, as well as other important legislation currently being discussed in parliaments across the UK, with more urgency.

Dense and varied plant life grows within Ingoldisthorpe's constructed wetlands in Norfolk, UK.
© Greg Armfield / WWF-UK

Bring nature back: Act now to make space for nature and safeguard our food security.

Our governments made a promise at the global biodiversity summit (COP15) to reverse the loss of nature this decade. They need to deliver this by making far more space for nature on land and in our oceans, while supporting farmers to protect and restore nature both at home and overseas.

The sun sets behind a wind turbine, visible through a gap in the leaves. Norfolk, UK.
© Greg Armfield / WWF-UK

Harness nature’s power: Act now by investing in the power of nature to fight climate change.

By restoring our peatlands, wetlands, woodlands and seagrass meadows, we can lock up huge amounts of carbon from the atmosphere, tackling the causes and impacts of climate change.